For those who are wondering about buying a half or whole Mangalitsa hog and what the particulars are, here is some information:
Mangalitsa pork chop
This is a typical Mangalitsa breakdown of cuts:
jowl bacon (4-6 lb.s)
Boston butt roast (bone in or boneless)
picnic roast or lots of sausage
pork chops  (10-13 lbs. +/-)
bacon (usually 10 lbs. +/-)
spare ribs
ham: ham steaks or bone in hams or boneless hams (7-9# boneless ham, 12-15 lbs. bone in ham)
leaf lard (3# +/-)
backfat lard (the cap covering the loin; typically 2-4 inches thick, about 6#)
bones & head for broth
breakfast sausage
organs if you want them (heart, liver

Mangalitsa carcass: belly/bacon and loin.Generally the halves run 120# “on the rail” (ready to cut).  If you take the lard and bones you’ll get almost all of that weight.  The average weights above are for a half.  Just double it all for a whole pig.

WHOLE pig pictureThe Mangalitsa is a fat type heritage pig.  What that translates to is nicely marbled cuts, a good deal of lard, and beautiful, beefy red meat with lots of flavor.  If you want a half or whole, please put a deposit down by mail or through our online store.  I will contact you for cutting instructions and pick-up or UPS delivery.
 We do have some cuts available and will be restocking by the end of January, so please check back!