We have the movie available for you!  On the right hand corner there is a button where you can donate to help us cover the final costs for this version of the movie and help the farm as we struggle to recover from the ordeal.  The story isn’t over yet.  Our elected officials (Democrat and Republican) want your support in November, but we need to make sure that they will work for the people who elected them (you and me) rather than the bureaucracy.  To do this we need educated voters.  Hogwash encapsulates the experience of one citizen who stood up to the Powers That Think They Be.  This isn’t party politics, as this situation started in a Democrat administration and was continued in a Republican administration.  This is about right and wrong.  People vs. political machine.

Help us share the story.  For every $25 donation to help produce the movie and keep the farm going, we’ll thank you with a copy of Hogwash.

Thanks for hanging with us!  Thanks for taking a stand, and remember that the ballot box can be a means of accountability.  Spread the word!