Home School Lessons from the Butcher Shop

Education is part of daily life here.  For example,  Monday we were processing chickens.  Sam got bored and curious at his station and started to dissect a chicken head.  He brought it in to show me what he thought was the brain and compared it to the eyeball.  Sounds gross, but was really interesting.  It didn’t look quite right to me, so together we dissected another one.  This time we found what looked more like a brain.  We figured out why chickens seem so dumb.  They are.  Their eye is as big as their brain.  We also found nasal cavities, and the spongy nasal septum.  We decided we need someone who knows their head anatomy better to do it with us.  It was a short but good anatomy lesson–and definitely one the boys will remember!  The farm is great for lessons like this.  That’s why we’re excited about the farm-to-school opportunity and look forward to opening the possibilities to other kids!

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