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The bottom line of your homestead farm’s economics.

  • Are you all about a good environment for the kids?
  • Making some money?
  • Having good food to eat?
  • Helping your local community?

All of the above are possible and important. The economics of a homestead is about the whole thing, it’s a holistic perspective of success. Mark had two discussions on the topic in his daily YouTube shows covering the topics of

  • Self relience and discovery
  • Yes, you need to make money, but opportunities abound if you’re willing to do things others won’t do
  • S.L.E.: Significant Learning Experiences. We’ve had a lot of them.  Mark shares some of his over the years.
  • FREEDOM: you are you’re own boss, which can be an SLE in and of itself!
  • The key is to DO THE THING.
  • You have the ability to shape your world. Homesteading isn’t a place or to-do list.  It’s a mindset.
  • Scrounge: make the most of what other’s discard. The old saying “waste not, want not” applies here.  Opportunities abound to be creative, save money, and learn things when you scrounge.
  • And more!

There are many values inherant in farming practices. When you can see the whole picture, the total bottom line is much more profitable!

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