I wish I could talk about the farm today.  I have a lot of pictures to post.  The farm is doing good things as it produces chickens for sale, grows pigs, feeds dairy and beef cows, and is in full summer vegetable production.  I enjoyed a pre-breakfast snack of raspberries the other morning while I watched the sun burn the fog off the bottom fields.  These are the things I’d like to talk about.

Instead, I have the DNR, Attorney General, and a rogue government who doesn’t remember that we pay their mortgages with the taxes they take from us.

A couple of weeks ago the farmer in Baraga who sued the DNR along with us was in court asking for a preliminary injunction so that he can sell to a small handful of his former customers in a desparate attempt to stay in business until he gets to court.  The DNR, of course, maintained that he could live on the small amount of business he did that was not pig related (selling excess feed, maybe?  They don’t even know what he does, per the court transcript, but surely he can maintain his farm on whatever that is.)  Then the A.G. lawyer, Hal Martin, made this statement:

“You know, when it comes down to brass tacks, Your Honor, the fact of the matter is yes, the intent of this Order is to put that business and nodding to Roger Turunen or Mark Baker or anybody else, but to eliminate that business, and, of course, we wait for the Courts to determine whether that Order is valid and legal, but, you know, there’s no getting around the fact that that is, indeed, what DNR hopes to accomplish.”

All the poor and confusing English aside, the bottom line is that he states that the DNR’s goal with the ISO is not to eliminate a kind of pig and save Michigan’s environment from rape and pillage.  Their goal is to put businesses, like “Roger Turunen or Mark Baker” out of business.  And they aren’t going to wait for the court to rule on the order, either!

Did I mention that the A.G. is pushing our case into November or December?  The scheduling meeting isn’t until after their “rightful” 75 day discovery time, on October 31.

Roger wrote an informative letter to Dan Wyant, Director of the MI Dep’t of Environmental Quality, and to Keith Creagh, Director of the MI Dep’t of Natural Resources.  The letter outlines the history of the ISO and talks about how the DNR attempted to strong arm the legislature into enacting the DNR’s agenda.  If you are curious about the history, why Bill Schutte is wrong about this being a “legislative issue,” or how to make informed answers to people who think it’s about pigs in Michigan, this is a good read: