“Do you like butchering chickens?”  We get asked this question fairly often through the summer.   The answer, in a nutshell, is


So, why do we do it?  I made a quick video recently asking the kids that question:

The simple answer is that we take pleasure in helping you grow your own chickens by performing this task, and we take pride in doing excellent work at a “dirty job.”  There are few things more edifying than sitting down to dinner with your family and feeling confident that you are feeding them food that will build their bodies, strengthen their minds, and satisfy their hunger because you grew the food on the table.  Growing the animals is one thing, but butchering isn’t for everyone.  I, personally, can’t take an animal from one moment to the next.  I’m blessed with lots of boys who, while not taking pleasure in the task, are able.  Likewise, many of our customers are grateful to be able to drop off feathered, squawking/quacking/honking/gobbling animals and come back a day later for a packaged bird ready to go in the freezer.  We’re glad to help with that part of Anyone Can Farm.

Another gratifying part of the custom processing (we process your animal for you) business is the great conversations we have with so many interesting people.  We learn things about different walks of life, and we share our farming know-how when folks hit issues.  It’s a great exchange and makes the business feel like a small community, especially when we see people year after year.

So, that’s why we do what we do.  Not fun, but gratifying for many reasons.

If we can’t help you farm, that’s OK.  We’re happy to be your farmer (shop now!), or we encourage you to find someone to be your farmer.  Anyone Can Farm!

Poultry Processing at Bakers Green Acres Michigan

The crew hard at it, more or less.