We are restocking our mangalista bratwurst supply, and here’s a video of Mark telling you about them:

Our bratwurst start with our own tasty, full of flavor Mangalitsa pigs.  Our processor adds salt and spices to the meat, puts them in a casing, and we get them to you.  That’s it!  No MSG.  No nitrates.  Just good, clean flavor.

It’s squash and cabbage season, and nothing makes an easy meal like a flavored brat cut into about 3 pieces and fried.  Then throw chopped cabbage or summer squash on top and put on the lid.  Let it steam just until soft but not mushy.  Sprinkle on a bit of salt and pepper, or any other spices that tickle your palette, and dinner’s on!

Order online or stop by the farm to get your choice of the best brats in the world!