It is official.  Keith Creagh, the head of the Department of Natural Resources, has officially (albeit quietly) rescinded the Declaratory Ruling.  The Invasive Species Order identifying two alleged species of pigs and making one of them illegal still stands, but the description of straight tailed and curly tailed illegal pigs is officially discontinued.  Apparently everyone outside the all knowing and wise DNR top staff office, including Judge Sulka per Keith, are misinformed and too confused (read unintelligent) to comprehend the wisdom of the Declaratory Ruling.  Therefore, the Director has signed it into oblivion.  No apologies to anyone who, in their confusion and misguidedness, questioned the DNR’s benevolent wisdom.  Hmmm…  Sounds something like a Grimm’s fairy tale.  Something about a naked emperor who had been fooled by his own arrogance into thinking he was well dressed while some skulking scoundrels profited from his pompous pretentiousness.