Any One Can Farm Classes

Education is a significant part of what we do, from informal consults over the phone (“how do I know if my chickens are ready to butcher?”), to conversations on the farm, to work study learning.  This weekend kicks off a more formal format for this education: Anyone Can Farm.

Starting tomorrow night (October 29) and going through Monday, we will be introducing a group of learners to the fine art of chicken processing.  There are tricks of the trade that make the job easier and we can teach you how.  If this is of interest and you can make it on short notice, call or e-mail us.  There is more information at

If hog butchering is more in your line, we are holding a three day class on that skill on November 2-4.  We take you through the whole process from oink to freezer.  One unique thing about this class is that we will not teach you how to use a band saw–it’s all knife work.  We have two fantastic charcuterie chefs coming from Chicago to teach you how to make sausages, hams, and all the cured cuts.  It is a great opportunity!  If you can’t come, stay tuned for the on-line version to come up.

Stay tuned to Anyone Can Farm for more classes in the new year!