turkey leftovers–what to do?.

left over turkeys–what to do?!

Other than stomp and yell to make the toms fan their tails, gobble, and change head colors (they really do that!), what to do with unclaimed gobblers in the yard is a challenge.  Here’s a few of my ideas:

  1. Have a memorable company Christmas party: feature fresh turkey!  We can help youfill out your menu with local foods for a truely unique feast.
  2. Order now, freeze and save your turkey for a mid-winter celebration.  Nothing brightens grey February days like a special feast with a houseful of friends.  A home-grown, local turkey would make a great centerpiece and could feed as many people as you can brighten your home with.
  3. Purchase a gobbler for your very own yard.  Enjoy making him gobble and change head colors yourself!
  4. We can smoke your turkey whole or in pieces.  You would then have tasty, healthy, ready-to-eat snacks and meals for the busy holiday season.

Use your creativity!  What could you do with one of the tastiest turkeys in town?  We have the one for you!