Welcome: the power of a bloody handshake

Welcome!  You are about to join an elite crowd. As one friend said, “Never underestimate the power of a bloody handshake.” By the end of this video course you should be able to complete the first part of harvesting your own hog.  Included is your handbook...
How to Cut up a chicken

How to Cut up a chicken

Once you have the basic cuts down, you can play with the harder cuts.  The basic things to remember are Cut in the valleys, looking for joints (seams). Keep the knife on the bone so it’s not in your fingers. It’s all edible, pretty will come with practice....

More resources for you

Here are some more resources for you about rabbits Join us with your questions for the LIVE Q&A YouTube show every Wednesday at 8 pm EST: Baker’s Green Acres YouTube channel You are invited to join our community of homestead entrepaneurs on Facebook! Apply...

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