Tools and Materials for the Retort

Download and print your instructions here Double Barrel Retort instructions Materials 50 gallon steel drum with lid 15 or 30 gallon steel drum Roofing steel: 2’ high, 3 sections Refractory insulation   Collar for 6” stovepipe 6” stovepipe, one section 5/16 self...
Keeping pigs in with electric

Keeping pigs in with electric

Fencing pigs inside your basic perimeter fence is fairly simple.  Mark uses an electric stand-off from the perimeter fence to keep the pigs in, and to subdivide the pasture area as desired to rotate areas. This video covers the basics of how he does that.  A good pig...

How to render lard

There are two videos in this lesson for you.  The first is how to take the lard from the table to the pot. The second is how to heat and render the lard. I use two storage methods for the rendered lard. The first is the safest for all lards. It  is to put the slightly...

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