“Many hands make light work.”       Margaret Clark

Well, I know my Grandma didn’t invent that phrase, but it’s where I heard it.  Last night it proved true around here (again).  We had 2000 + watermelon plants to put in the ground.  They were supposed to be planted in successive groups, but the weather, for the most part, held that up–’til now.  Suddenly it’d gotten warm and all 2000+  starts hit the “ready to go” stage.  Yikes!

Enter a neighboring church’s youth group.  After supper last night they showed up with their various modes of transportation and headed for the field.  They seemed to keep coming.  I realized the canning jar glasses I had weren’t going to go around and took off for the dollar store for plastic ones.  When all was said and done, it took the 20, almost 30, young folks just under 2 hours to do what wouldv’e taken us 2 days.  And everyone  had the energy for a fast-paced game of volleyball afterward!  Many hands definitely make work light and play fun!