Wooly pigs are cool, but did you know we do other things, too?  Like, PASTURED POULTRY.

Beyone Organic Mobile chicken pens full of pasture raised non-GMO broiler chickens from Bakers Green Acres in Marion Michigan

What’s “pastured poultry?”

Our chickens are raised beyond organic standards.  They are beyond “cage free.”  They are out on grass, moved in small groups on a regular basis so they have green grass and bugs in their diet.  They enjoy fresh air and sunshine.  Their environment offers them more vitamins and minerals than birds raged “cage free” in a barn with, maybe, a very small side pen in case they feel energetic and want to see the sky.

Pasture raised Non-GMO chickens enjoying fresh air and sunshine at Bakers Green Acres - We do more than just Mangalista PigsWhat does green grass do for the chicken on my plate?

Green grass and sunshine add fat soluble vitamins A & E to your chicken, as well as vitamin D.  They enjoy a nutrient dense diet, resulting in better health for the bird and a more nutrient dense product for you.  Their better health means we do NOT have to feed them antibiotics or other stimulants to get them to grow.  They are healthy and happy naturally.

AND, minerals mean flavor.  Baker’s Green Acres chicken has flavor–not that salty flat flavor in store chicken, but a complex, lasting flavor that stands alone or enhances any dish you put it in.

Order your GMO free, pasture raised chicken from Bakers Green Acres in Marion Michigan

Grass, via chicken!  It’s what’s for dinner!

Order yours through our online store, or visit Port City Organics in Manistee or  Evergreen Market in Acme/Traverse City!