With the advent of school season we have had to redraft our milk run.  Every week we travel from Marion to Standish to pick up milk for the dairy herd share members. Our dairy farmers, Joe and Brenda Golimbieski are experts at keeping their organically certified dairy cows and producing fantastic, wholesome milk from their grass-fed cows.  We are grateful for this partnership.

Sam’s school schedule has left the milk run to me and the kids, though.  We have worked out a good teamwork system.  While Rachel and I fill jugs, Frank puts lids on them.

photo 1 (2)Then we have to haul the jugs out to the coolers in the van.  Rachel is carrying the order sheet to double check that we get everything we need to.

photo 3Besides milk, we often pick up honey and ground beef for our customers.  All the products from the dairy farm are organically produced, so we can offer good, clean food to our folks while helping out a community of farmers.

photo 4One of the perks is getting to pet the newborn calves.  The nursery is immediately next to the milk house.



Contact us if you are in the Gladwin, Harrison, Marion, Cadillac, Traverse City areas and real milk needs to be on your table!