“It’s nothing but a mud puddle!” says Dad.

“Yeah, but it’s a FUN mud puddle!” exclaims Sam.

Last week we sent many loads of fill dirt over to a neighbor to fill in a small pond.  In the process, the excavator conveniently expanded the irrigation pond.  Since it’s spring and all the surface streams are running, and since he stirred up a lot of mud and clay, the new irrigation pond is wet and brown and feels so refreshing (so I’m told) on these hot days.  It’s almost like a spa, too, with the mud pit created by the springs.


Eventually, the mud will settle, the pond will fill, and Mark will irrigate produce in the adjacent field out of the pond.  In the meantime, he’ll use the water to help break down the manure from the chicken tractors when it’s drier this summer.  A little water really makes a difference in how quickly the field can “eat” the leavings.  Since we have “hand lines” (meaning the system moves by hand rather than wheels) we can move things to water the hay/pasture areas if needed.  From experience, this capability will make a difference in raising rotationally grazed beef. Coming from Montana, where irrigation was life and death in farming, we didn’t think we’d ever be irrigating here.  Water is life blood, though, and sometimes lacks in July and August in Michigan, too.

Plus, it’s fun to swim in your own backyard!