In case someone still thinks the issue of farmers vs. MDNR is about a certain breed of pigs (which it isn’t), this story was forwarded to us by a friend.  Incidently, an Oregonian hog farmer contacted Mark because his Pork Producer’s Assoc. came to him to reassure him that the Michigan story was blown way out of proportion and the farmer was way off base, and, by the way, they were backing their state’s wildlife division in similar action.  This isn’t about a breed of pig or a certain activity.  This is about freedom to feed people without burdensome and overbearing governmental meddling by non-elected and unaccountable agencies backed by the big agribusinesses.  It’s about saying “no taxation without representation.”

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A beekeeper of 58 years wants to know how an unelected state agency, which appears to answer to no one, can come in and destroy years of research, equipment, and bees without due process and even without a search warrant. Has recent loose interpretations of the Constitution and the power of the federal government spilled over into state governments, who now think they can act with impunity and shut down any business that happens to question an agency’s validity, credentials, or findings? Is the era of big bully government upon us?

Those are the questions in Illinois right now, and Terrence Ingram would like them answered. This organic beekeeper has been subjected to searches that he was unaware occurred, to inspectors and their illiteracy when it came to knowledge about bees, and to the destruction of years of research that he says proves that Roundup is a major factor in Colony Collapse Disorder. In addition, he had successfully bred a queen that appeared to be resistant to Round-up, having survived three summers and winters where other queens and colonies died.

However, according to the Prairie Advocate, a newspaper in northwester Illinois, the most troubling aspect of all this was:

[T]he State Department of Agriculture came in and inspected their hives when they were not home and without due process, took their bees and hives. At the time of the theft the Ingram’s [sic] had not yet had their day in court to prove that their hives did not have foulbrood. Ingram knew that the inspectors could not tell what they were seeing and had warned the Department that if any of them came back it would be considered a criminal trespass. Yet they came back when he was not home, stole his hives and ruined his 15 years of research.

“What was the value of that 3-year-old queen?” Ingram asked. “It could have been that she would have a resistant trait that we could expand into the whole bee culture to help them survive this Round-Up thing. How can you place a dollar value on that potential?”

Considering the fact that Ingram’s queens, bees, and hives were taken off his property on March 14, rather than being “abated,” as was the “requirement” stated in the notices from the IDofA, the dollar value of such a queen cannot be disregarded as a major motivation for such an act.

Please join Bill Heid and Terry Ingram on today’s Off the Grid Radio program as they discuss this latest atrocity of Illinois state government officials. Bill has personally done business with Terry since the early 80s, and this is a matter that strikes close to home. As Terry Ingram asked the Prairie Advocate, “Is Illinois a police state, where citizens do not have rights?”

Unfortunately, it would appear so.

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The Off the Grid Radio Team

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