This is sort of a follow-up to the “Seasonal Eating” article I wrote almost 2 months ago.  When I pasted it into the website, I debated whether or not I should wait and post it next year.  It’s in the articles file because that evening I decided to get some potatoes from their storage hills in the garden.  (Mark piled the potatoes in small piles, then covered them with straw, then with dirt for a total of 12-18 inches of protection.  Will keep you posted on how it works.)  I filled my recycled ice cream bucket half full, then thought maybe some carrots would be good, too.  So I meandered over to that row and pulled a couple big handfuls worth–maybe 12 bright orange and pale yellow, crisp looking carrots.  Then I thought to check a couple heads of cabbage that are still hanging out and nibbled on a couple of raw brussel sprouts while I was at it.  Amazing!  My garden still has quite a bit of stuff.  That doesn’t count the beets I threw over the fence to the begging goats–especially the big buck who has a special “baaaa” for begging produce.  That was a few weeks ago.  Tonight, the red cabbage in the crisper drawer wasn’t gonna be quite enough for a dinner stir-fry, so Sam went on a mission and retrieved a nice green cabbage from the “grape garden” for me.  What a beautiful stir-fry!  We had a boiled pastured chicken (not the best way, but quick!), very colorful stir-fried cabbage, green peppers, and carrots, and long grain brown rice for dinner.  Yum.  And all fresh from our farm, except for the rice, of course.  So, the season for eating fresh stuff isn’t quite over yet.  Close, though. We have nearly all the chickens out of tractors in the pasture and into the freezer.  The goats are appreciating their hay as the pasture’s frosted dry.  Joe harvested 6 meals of brussel sprouts Thursday.  After being in the garden for an hour, he confessed his bare toes were “a little numb.”  Maybe the season for shoes is upon us, too!!