Whether you’re close or far, you CAN get the best chicken and pork anywhere!  We have a couple new options for purchasing in our online store, which can be found in the right hand column if you scroll down a bit.  Boycott <b>UPS</b> (<b>United Parcel Service</b>)..Is There a Reason?

1) Shipping: There is now a shipping location.  It originates at the farm (because the system we use requires a physical location), but when you choose the UPS shipping location, we’ll load a cooler and send it to you.  Note that the $50 charge is a generality.  I will change it to reflect the actual charge since the physical size and weight of the order and where it’s headed make a big difference.  In some cases it goes down.  If you’re in Texas or California, it’ll likely go up.

2) Cadillac delivery: We are attending the Made in Michigan Farmer’s Market on Saturdays!  You can order DSCN6423-001during the week, identify the Cadillac location as your delivery point, and come pick up your order between 9 and 12 Saturday morning.  This can also work if you want a dairy herd share so you can get your own fresh, raw milk.  You can just come and see us there, too, and grab what you want then.

And we still have our Traverse City, Kingsley, and on-farm locations, of course.