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Building a BBQ: turning a lemon into a hog roaster

Building a BBQ - Turning a Lemon Into a Hog RoasterBuilding a BBQ -Great ideas don't always work as planned on the homestead.  Mark's biochar building learning curve produced a failed burner, but left him with raw materials for a new BBQ!  We've BBQ'd our share of...

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Save on shipping. Join the club! Find an LZ near you.

OK.  First things first. What on earth is an "LZ" you ask? An “LZ” is an acronym for a “Landing Zone.”  In adapting this military concept to our purposes, it is an area where we can land/stop, interact with local people, and deliver needed supplies (in this case...

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Pastured Poultry

What makes our chicken so good?  Sunshine and grass.  This past weekend we put the first group of chicks out in chicken tractors.  They have open air and grass and sunshine while in the brooder, but this way we can move them regularly onto clean, fresh grass.  More on...

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Guilt and Grain free: Paleo Chicken Crust Pizza!

Feeling left out at pizza time?  Tired of difficult to work with "gluten free" crusts?  Here's your alternative: Chicken Crust Pizza.  It's quick, easy, and (very importantly) tasty.  Grain free, guilt free, easy as, well, pizza pie! Chicken Crust Pizza Here's a tasty...

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Anyone Can Farm: Pastured Poultry

Pasture raising poultry is a relatively easy, low impact way to start raising your own meat. In these two videos Mark talks about our pasture raised poultry process. Still have questions? Check out our Pastured Poultry class! Spend a couple of days on the farm with...

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Chicken nuggets recipe: gluten free and paleo

Chicken Nuggets: Paleo and Gluten Free The girls and I did our first Facebook Live video today! What's for dinner?? Homemade chicken nuggets!  We did a gluten free version that is a known favorite and experimented with a paleo version.  The Paleo chicken nuggets...

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What is the Homesteaders Guild?


Spring Session Registration - Anyone Can Farm Homestead Education Guild

If you are ready to reconnect intimately with your food and to start growing something you can put on your dinner plate, we can help!  The Homesteader’s Guild is a group of like-minded folks figuring out how to raise their own food with the guidance of longtime farmer Mark Baker.

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