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Stir fry and Bone Broth

Have you ever set about making dinner and realized the meat you have won't quite match the plan?  You can cut almost any piece of meat according to your needs.  Today I had chicken.  I was short boneless skinless breast for the stir fry for supper.  What I had was...

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Lard and donuts

A few weeks ago we had a yucky winter Sunday afternoon and needed something to do.  Since Mark was in a lard rendering mood, we took advantage of the abundance to make DONUTS.  I almost never buy donuts as the white sugar, white flour, and unknown frying fat resign...

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Pasture Raised Pig Breed Comparison

Pasture Raised Pig Breed Comparison Recently we did a Hog Harvest class at someone else's farm.  They had 4 pigs for the class to butcher: a Mangalitsa, a Red Wattle, and two white "farm pigs."   It was an interesting comparison as all 4 had been raised on some type...

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Piglet challenges

It sounds like fun to have baby pigs running around, and it is!  We've found Mangalitsas to be the easiest pigs to farrow (have their babies) and raise, but it isn't all roses.  Mark shows you one of our newest sows and her litter:

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Mangalitsa fun!

Whether you spell it Mangalitsa, Mangalica, Mangalitza, or (as this article does) Mangalista, this pig is cool. This weekend we're going to have a lot of porky fun teaching folks how to process a Mangalitsa hog at home.  More info on this at Anyone Can Farm.  This...

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The Sheriff

You may have seen that Mark is running for Sheriff in Missaukee County.  Here is the link to get more information about his campaign: Mark Baker For Sheriff.  This is where you can find out how you can help with the campaign.  For information about his views and what...

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What is the Homesteaders Guild?


Spring Session Registration - Anyone Can Farm Homestead Education Guild

If you are ready to reconnect intimately with your food and to start growing something you can put on your dinner plate, we can help!  The Homesteader’s Guild is a group of like-minded folks figuring out how to raise their own food with the guidance of longtime farmer Mark Baker.

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