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Making butter a superfood: how to make ghee

Ghee is an ancient practice of clarifying butter to give it a longer shelf life and to increase the digestibility of the fats.  It basically amounts to heating the butter and "rendering" it to separate the water, fat, and proteins.  It stores well on the counter in...

Farm Fence Talk

"Fences make great neighbors." Every heard that one? Ever chased your cow, pig, goat, or sheep out of your neighbor's yard?  If you've kept animals (or lived next to them), you can appreciate that wisdom. We've built a lot of fences.  We've chased a lot of animals. ...

Farm Wealth Story: for farmers only

Wealth can be measured by money in the bank.  But a better measure may be abundance of life.  By that accounting, homestead farmers are the richest folks on earth! We were at a lunch with a group of friends not too long ago, and the younger lady across from me with...

Pickled Eggs: a tasty way to preserve the harvest

It's eggs season!Who knew eggs had a season?  Hens are one of nature's signalers of spring.  When the days start to lengthen and warm just a little, they go into egg production mode.  They can lay one, and sometimes even two, eggs per day.  After the chill of winter...

Tools of the Trade:

You've raised your animals with care and love. Now, however, it's time for the freezer. You want to harvest your animals yourself: what basic "tools of the trade" do you need?   Being able to harvest your own animals is an important skill for a...

Summer is coming!

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Chicken Share Today!

Our chickens are raised on fresh pasture and moved daily onto fresh grass! They are raised with love! Our chickens all are natural, fed non-GMO feed, and get plenty of sunshine, bugs and natural nutrition.

Farm and Online Classes

Anyone Can Farm Homestead Guild provides the highest quality, most up to date continuing education courses on homesteading practices. Courses are available online and on the farm in Marion, Michigan.

Around the Homestead – News and Information 

What’s with shipping? And, how do you do that??

Does seeing the UPS or FedEx truck pull in your driveway feel a bit like Christmas?  Does getting a box of nourishing and great tasting food excite you?  We are working hard to make that happen for you. We have a $50 minimum order with shipping.  Why is that, you may...

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Pastured Poultry

Guild: "an association of people for mutual aid or the pursuit of a common goal." There are many ways to learn: a book, YouTube videos, weekend seminars, conferences, mentorships, college classes.  If you really want to know something there are two key components:...

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Guilt and Grain free: Paleo Chicken Crust Pizza!

Feeling left out at pizza time?  Tired of difficult to work with "gluten free" crusts?  Here's your alternative: Chicken Crust Pizza.  It's quick, easy, and (very importantly) tasty.  Grain free, guilt free, easy as, well, pizza pie! Chicken Crust Pizza Here's a tasty...

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Anyone Can Farm: Pastured Poultry

Items to get you started on your pasture poultry adventure! (affiliate links) Pasture raising poultry is a relatively easy, low impact way to start raising your own meat. In these two videos Mark talks about our pasture raised poultry process. Still have questions?...

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Chicken nuggets recipe: gluten free and paleo

Chicken Nuggets: Paleo and Gluten Free The girls and I did our first Facebook Live video today! What's for dinner?? Homemade chicken nuggets!  We did a gluten free version that is a known favorite and experimented with a paleo version.  The Paleo chicken nuggets...

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Stir fry and Bone Broth

Have you ever set about making dinner and realized the meat you have won't quite match the plan?  You can cut almost any piece of meat according to your needs.  Today I had chicken.  I was short boneless skinless breast for the stir fry for supper.  What I had was...

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Stuffed Chicken Breast

What to do with chicken breast for dinner? Of Course, Stuffed Chicken Breast.Facebook is a great resource for finding recipes.  We came across a great looking picture of stuffed chicken breasts.  "We can make that!" So we did.  Most recipes use spinach in there...

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