Many of you have heard us talk about the solution to the DNR pig problem.  Since we’ve also said, “it’s not about pigs in Michigan,” the solution is much bigger than this one piece of legislation that a court will ultimately decide on.  The ultimate solution is to get as many people as possible farming.  Farming simply means growing carbohydrates or proteins.  It’s having a planter of lettuce on your porch.  It’s growing a pot of herbs on your windowsill.  Maybe you have space for a small garden or raised bed for veggies.  Maybe you want to venture into chickens or pigs.  Anyone Can Farm. 

We need your help.  This is a two prong battle, after all.  The legal is one prong, and a very necessary one that so many people are enabling us to hold strong.  The other is a bigger vision.  In order to make this vision available to as many people as possible in a highly effective manner, with hands on classes on farm along with online and DVD offerings, we need your partnership.  There are perks along the way, too.  This is a vision for giving back, for sharing what we know and the knowledge of other skilled farmers and that’s part of what you can get.  We are on our way already (we’ve had classes and made videos this past year) and this Indiegogo project will help us reskill America’s public that much faster.  Check out the Indiegogo link at:

Anyone Can Farm: America’s Farm to Fork Learning Platform

Partner.  Share.  Spread the word.  You can be part of the solution.  Anyone Can Farm.