Last night was a idyllic summer evening: warm, just a little humid from the day and the threatening clouds, rosy colored sky.  The chickens on the pasture (real, actual grass) were resting, waiting for their dinner.  These chickens are content.  They have room to move, a variety of food, fresh air.  Beyond organic digs, since organic chickens only need a small access from their barn and not full pasture living.  These chickens live the life of a chicken, and it’s a satisfying thing.

(Check out more of our pastured poultry operation on these videos. or our YouTube channel.)


Keith was telling me about the various pens, like classrooms of chickens.  This group is always hungry no matter how much food is in their feeder, that group is really dumb about moving when the tractor (mobile pasture pen) moves.  The broiler birds aren’t over bright and have rather flat personalities compared to laying hens, but you do get to know them when you interact with them two to three times a day for eight weeks.


Even if we didn’t sell another chicken we’d raise our own food this way.  Pasture living gives the chickens a rich, wholesome taste that doesn’t need dressing up and fancy treatments to taste fabulous.  And no headache or excessive bathroom time later (“store” chicken does it to us every time).  That’s the “proof in the pudding,” so to speak: feeling good later.  So, we do it because we like it and the work is totally worth it.  And, we don’t mind sharing our pastured chickens with you.

(By the way, here are a couple recipes to help you enjoy your pasture raised chicken:

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