A chick stretching out.  Growing feels so good!A group of chicks in the brooder.We’re getting chickens ready for the summer season.  A chicken raised to be a chicken, eating grass, catching bugs, basking in the sun and fresh air, is the most fabulous eating experience.  Because they are raised with all the good nutrition nature has to offer, they are full of vitamins and minerals.  This means that a Baker’s Green Acres pasture raised chicken is good in your mouth and excellent for your  body.

However, if you are of the DIY persuasion, chicken is one of the easiest animals to start out raising.  You can just jump in and do it and feel your way through, OR you can come to an Anyone Can Farm class, spend a weekend with us on the farm, and learn everything we know about raising chickens from day one all the way to the freezer.  Check out more information at Anyone Can Farm.

A summer sunset from the barn roof.