Pastured Poultry Class

Tired of chicken full of who-knows-what?  Ready to raise your own chickens?  Ready to take your chicken project to the next level as a business?  You’ll find the answers to your questions here.  In this one-of-a-kind, hand’s on, do it and learn it class, we’ll tackle all the steps of chicken raising and answer your questions from brooder to freezer to sales.

A student helps construct a chicken tractor during a class.

The first day will be spent in the brooder with the little chicks, then on to the field to experience the ins and outs of raising chickens on pasture.  In the afternoon, you’ll get to help build an actual chicken tractor.  You will get an e-book on how to build a tractor at home after the class.

Sam instructs a student on the finer points of gutting a chicken.

The second day we’ll cover processing your birds at home.  It’s not hard and can be done with minimal equipment, but there’s no need to duplicate our learning curve with it!  You’ll get to cut the birds you process into pieces and learn how to use all the bird has to offer.  Along the way throughout the class we’ll discuss marketing and the rules of running a chicken business.

Plucking a chicken isn’t so hard–just messy!

2017 class is on May 20-21.

Cost is $199 and includes

  • two days of intense, hand’s on, unforgettable learning opportunities: brooding, tractor construction and operation, butchering, cutting, marketing
  • the whole farm experience, including guardian dogs and kids,
  • lunch with us on both days,
  • and the two chickens you process to take home.

Reserve your spot today!  $75 reservation, with balance due at class.:

Students leave with a couple of chickens and with pride in the knowledge that they can farm chickens at home.