This weekend I got to spend some time with the pigs.  Mangalitsa pigs, I found, are inquisitive but not pushy, friendly but not as aggressively so as pigs we’ve had before.  They had “landmines” around, but not craters–they can dig but aren’t as destructive as other breeds. I got some great photos:

whats-uphello-beautifulThese two guys were enjoying a snooze by the water tank.  They like to push it and slop enough water out to make a small wallow.



pasture-pigapple-eatersThe pigs like fresh green grass, but apples are like candy.  Joe couldn’t get one to eat out of his hand, though.





napping-2Mark has his grain truck parked in the pasture right now.  It’s a favorite napping place as it provides shade while allowing for breezes.  They line up under it like little sausages.     




dining-buddiesThe pig didn’t mind sharing his feed trough with the little hen.





This is a bit of wooly pig hair–looks like regular locks rather than bristles!