Poultry Processing

Bakers Green Acres Poultry Processing is a USDA Exempt butcher shop. 

Thanks for a great season!  We’ll be starting again in 2018 about mid-April to early May depending on demand.  See you in the spring!

Keith and helper Derek had the outdoor spot as the dispatchers. “It’s not fun.”

Drop off is on Thursday, with processing on Friday.  Pick up is Friday evening. Processing season runs from mid to late April until the first Friday in December. Quick, professional service!

Basic Service

Basic service includes cleaning, cooling, bagging the bird in a freezer weight bag, and labeling it with what it is, date, and weight.

  • Chickens: 0-6 lb: $4.00/bird
  •                     6-8 lb: $4.50/bird
  •                     over 8 lb: $5.00/bird
  • Layer hens, roosters, Guinea fowl: same as chickens
  • Turkeys: $9.00/bird
  •                   $0.25/lb. over 20# dressed weight
  •                   $1.00 for a full giblet bag in turkey
  • Ducks: $6.00/bird
  •       Ducks are plucked as best we can unless specified to skin them.
  • Geese: $9.00/bird
  •        Geese are plucked as best we can unless specified to skin them.
  • Rabbits: $5.00/rabbit
  •                  $9.00/rabbit and skin
Poultry Processing at Bakers Green Acres Michigan
The crew hard at it, more or less.

Additional Services

  • Vacuum sealing: $0.50/bird (not available for turkeys or chickens over 7 lb.)
  • Peeling gizzards: $0.50/gizzard
  • Cut in halves or quarters: $2.00/bird.  One bird per bag.
  • Cut for boneless, skinless breast: $4.00/bird.