Baker’s Green Acres is dedicated to providing our poultry processing customers with a great finished product.

In order to do our very best, we need YOUR HELP.

Here are some tips to make the process a bit smoother:

  •  Feed Withdrawal:  Possibly the most important step in your pre-slaughter procedure. All poultry scheduled to be slaughtered MUST have their feed withdrawn at least 12 hours in advance, but NOT more than 24 hoursDO NOT withdraw drinking water.  Generally, that means that you won’t need to feed on Thursday before processing on Friday.
  •  Transport: We do not provide crates or transportation for your birds.  Many people find that dog crates of all sizes work well, as do storage type containers with lids (but punch air holes in them!)   Trailers are a great way to haul your birds, but we don’t allow them to be left overnight, so be sure your birds are in crates or containers that can be left.
  •  Drop-Off Procedure:  Birds are to arrive the day prior to processing, any time after 3 p.m. till dark.  If it’s a hot summer day, the later the better for the birds.  At drop off you’ll fill out a processing tag where you can indicate any preferences.  No trailers left overnight.  If you can’t bring them the night before, call to make other arrangements.
  •  Packaging and Labels:  Our standard bags are three mil freezer bags and we remove all the air we can.  We have value added services such as vacuum packing – please let us know when you fill out your processing tag.  That is also the time to let us know if you want any other services.  All packages will be labelled with the bag’s contents, date, weight, and your name.
  •  Pick-Up Procedure:  Unless you have made other arrangements with us, you are expected to pick-up your birds the day they are processed.  Generally, that would be on that Friday, after 5 p.m.  We don’t provide boxes, so please bring plenty of very clean ice chests or other suitable containers for product pick-up.