2019 – Poultry Processing Pricing – Baker’s Green Acres processing facility in northern Michigan.


Baker's Green Acres Processing 2019  
Chickens0-6 lbs$4.00
Chickens6-8 lbs4.50
ChickensOver 8 lbs$5.00
Layer Hens- Roosters-Guinea FowlSame Price as Chickens
$.50 over 20# dressed weight
$2.00 for Full Giblet Bag in Turkey
DucksPer Bird$7.00
*Ducks are plucked as best as we can. Indicate if you prefer skinning.
GeesePer Bird$9.50
RabbitsPer Rabbit$6.00
Rabbit and Skin$9.00
Additional Value Added Services
Vacuum SealingPer Bird -(Not available on birds/turkeys over 7 lbs)$.50
Saving - Gizzards, hearts, and livers$5.00/ per 20 birds
Gizzards- peeledPer Gizzard$1.00
CuttingHalves or quartered - Per Bird$2.00
CuttingBoneless Skinless Breast -Per Bird$4.00

Poultry Processing Pricing

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Baker’s Green Acres, Inc.
Mark & Jill Baker
1579 Brinks Rd.
Marion, MI 49665



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