Anyone Can Farm, and we can help.  We custom process your chickens, ducks, turkeys, geese, and rabbits quickly and cleanly, relying on over 20 years of processing experience to deliver professionally done, ready to freeze birds (or rabbits) back to you.  Here’s the process:

  • Call us 231-825-0293, to schedule your birds.  We take birds in on Thursday afternoon or evening to process on Friday.  We’ll need to know about how many birds you have and when you need them to be done.
  • Wednesday evening remove their feed, making sure they have plenty of water.  If you’re bringing layers, this may be a good time to pick them up because they are so much easier to catch when they’ve roosted for the night!
  • Thursday evening bring your birds to the farm between 5 and 8 pm.  Dog crates are popular, although we’ve seen them come in many, many different containers.  If you might need cages when you get here let us know in advance so we are sure to have enough available.
  • When you drop off your birds you’ll fill out a processing tag so we know how you’d like your birds back, any piece cutting, organs, vacuum sealing, etc.  This tag will travel through the whole process with your birds.
  • Friday evening after 5 pm you will need to pick up your birds.  We can store them overnight but will charge for keeping our cooler on.  They will be chilled, bagged in a freezer weight bag, and labelled with item, weight, and date, and ready to go straight into your freezer.

Our processing season starts in late April or May, depending on demand.  We finish up the season with Thanksgiving turkeys in November.

That’s it!  You did the hard work of raising your own birds.  We’ll do the rest.

Call today to get your birds on our schedule!

2024 – Poultry Processing Pricing – Baker’s Green Acres processing facility in northern Michigan.



Baker's Green Acres Processing 2024
Chickens0-6 lbs$4.75
Chickens6-8 lbs5.25
ChickensOver 8 lbs$5.75
Layer Hens- Roosters-Guinea FowlSame Price as Chickens
$.50 over 20# dressed weight
$1.00 for Full Giblet Bag in Turkey
DucksPer Bird$8.00
*Ducks are plucked as best as we can.
GeesePer Bird$11.00
RabbitsPer Rabbit$8.00
Rabbit and Skin$10.00
Additional Value Added Services
Vacuum Sealing of Chickens and small DucksPer Bird -(Not available on birds/turkeys over 7 lbs)
Per Package when birds are packaged by parts vs. whole bird
Shrink wrapping of larger ducks and turkeysPer Bird$4.00
Saving - Gizzards, hearts, and livers$0.00
Gizzards- peeledPer Gizzard$0.50
CuttingHalves or quartered - Per Bird$2.00
CuttingBoneless Skinless Breast -Per Chicken$4.00
CuttingCutting a turkey into pieces$4.00
Grinding chicken or turkeyper pound$1.00

Baker’s Green Acres, Inc.
Mark & Jill Baker
1579 Brinks Rd.
Marion, MI 49665