Anyone Can Farm on the road: Hog Harvest at Shady Grove,Oct. 18-20

You can harvest your own hog, and we can show you how!  Shady Grove Farm in Michigan’s U.P. is the location for this on-the-road class.  We’ll start on Friday with scalding and scraping the pigs and finish on Sunday with pork on salt, ground into sausage, or wrapped and in the freezer.  In appreciation of the animal’s gift of life, we’ll utilize every usable part–and sample some of it along the way.  You’ll get to do all this HANDS ON, knife in hand, involved in every step.  DATE TO BE DETERMINED FOR FALL 2019.

As a bonus, you get to spend the weekend with farmers Randy Buchler and Mark Baker on the beautiful Shady Grove Farm.  Randy has done a lot of work to build a sustainable, regenerative permaculture system and is happy to show you around.

Get more information at this event page: Shady Grove Farm Hog Harvest Reserve your spot today by contacting Randy.


Welcome to this class on how to process a hog from oink to ham. This Homestead Hog Harvest class is designed as an intense introduction for those who want to learn the old time arts of butchering and preserving pork in a low-tech method for home or restaurant use.

Charcuterie is the art and science of preserving meat. Pork is especially suited for this purpose. This is your chance to learn how to process a heritage hog from oink to ham with Mark Baker and Randy Buchler.

At this hands-on hog harvest offering on Randy’s Shady Grove farm, you will have the opportunity to learn:

  • *How to feed and care for a hog for optimal charcuterie processing.
  • *How to slaughter a hog on-farm, including scalding and scraping.
  • *How to use seam butchery techniques to turn half a hog into usable pieces.
  • *How to utilize many of the organ meats.
  • *How to make your own lard and sausages.
  • *How to cure your own bacon, hams, and other cuts.
  • *Help make a working farm run by milking the cows, collecting eggs, and slopping the hogs.

You will get to take a share of the meat we process in class home with you!

Where else can you learn real farming skills on a real working farm from people who are really doing the thing?  There are a lot of advantages to coming to a BGA Anyone Can Farm class besides building fences and raising chickens.  You get to see these skills in the context of a regenerative farm that really works and pick the brains of the people doing it.  No need to reinvent the wheel!

Make your deposit today!

Cost: Total cost is $500 and includes

  • one of a kind, hands on learning opportunities,
  • a whole farm experience,
  • potluck lunch on Saturday: food and fellowship go hand in hand,
  • a sampling of some of the cuts as we go.
  • BONUS: You get to spend a weekend with Mark Baker and Randy Buchler at Shady Grove Farm.  See how Randy’s multi species permaculture regenerative farm works, ask your questions, learn the ins and outs of a homestead farm! 

Please e-mail Randy at or message the farm on facebook if you have questions.

This is only a $200 deposit to secure your position in the class.  The balance is due at the class.

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