Baker BACON Burgers

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What happens when luscious Manga bacon gets tangled with tasty Hog Burger? Your taste buds will thank you for trying the BAKER BACON BURGER. Flavorful bacon ground together with Mangalitsa burger in our proprietary process results in a burger that tastes like you spent a lot more time in the kitchen than you did! 4 quarter pound (plus) preformed burgers per pack (total a bit over a pound per pack).

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Bacon burgers are our revolutionary answer to keeping the bacon from sliding off your burger. We combined our tasty Mangalitsa bacon with the red, flavorful burger and the result will make your taste buds tap dance with joy. Your neighbors and friends will think you’re a culinary genius when these come off the grill onto their plates. Burgers are a bit over 1/4 pound of Mangalitsa goodness each, preformed so your time can be spent with friends instead of in the kitchen. 4 burgers per package, each package is a bit over a pound.

A heritage breed, the Mangalitsa pig is a lard type hog renowned for its red, flavorful meat and creamy, premium quality lard.  It grows well on forages and unconventional feeds, so these pigs are raised naturally, on pasture, and GMO free.  This is a pork you won’t find anywhere else!


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