Biochar: raw (clean)


Biochar, also know as “terra preta,” is considered a powerhouse for soil building and animal health. It acts like activated charcoal for the homestead, acting as a sponge for water and minerals and serving as a home for beneficial flora and fauna. This is great news for the health of your soil and your animals.  This biochar is “raw”, meaning it hasn’t yet been filled with anything. Simply add to your compost pile or soil to innoculate it, or feed it raw to your animals to help clean and purify their systems. It comes in a heavy duty reclosable bag, so you can easily save and store it for use over time.  Contains 3 pounds of medium ground biochar.

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What is biochar?

It is simply organic materials that are super heated in an oxygen deprived atmosphere.  This roasts out all the toxins and all the other elements, leaving pure carbon.  The super heating also expands the carbon molecules so they have more surface area, and they are negatively charged.  The negative charge attracts and holds toxins.   The expanded, electrostatically attractive molecules provides a high rise apartment environment for water, toxins, minerals and bacterial life. This has a ton of potential health benefits for you! (Read more about that in this reference article: Activated Charcoal: 15 benefits and uses for health and wellness. Here are just a few of the benefits:

  • Detoxification: from a drug or other toxin exposure
  • Diahrea (be sure to drink lots of water with it to avoid constipation)
  • Gas and bloating
  • Infections: both internal and external (makes a great poultice)
  • Reduce the effects of radiation
  • Support the liver (lower cholesterol, reduce toxin load, help clear the colon so the lymphatic system works properly)
  • Water and air purification

Activated charcoal is good for you, and for your garden and animals!

Baker’s Biochar is made from hard wood, not soft or junk wood like pine, so the cells are solid and more dense and have a desirable pH, giving you a more effective product to invest in your soil and animals.  This raw biochar is useful for all applications. Make sure to allow at least two weeks before planting if you’re adding it to a garden or plant bed.

Mix 50/50 with compost, and mix this in a 1:10 ration with garden soil.

Read more about Biochar and it’s benefits here: Black Gold for the Homestead

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