Field to Freezer: How to harvest your Homestead Hog video course


This online class is designed as an intense introduction for those who want to learn the old time arts of butchering. Control the harvest of your animal and save money by learning the first step: how to get your pig from field to the cutting table. Experienced farmer Mark Baker will show you everything you need and demonstrate the skills required to do the kill and scald and scrape your pig so you can go out and do it yourself!



You’ve raised your hog with care. The next step is the harvest.

You can do this!  Learn from an experienced farmer so you can save money and ensure that you have your carefully raised pork in your freezer. Many other sources will tell you how to cut your pig up.  ONLY THIS ONLINE VIDEO COURSE WILL TEACH YOU HOW TO GET YOUR PIG FROM THE FIELD TO THE FREEZER.

At this online course offering from our working farm, you will have the opportunity to learn:

  • How to shoot and bleed your hog
  • How to scald and scrape the skin clean
  • How to eviserate (gut) the pig
  • How to save the organ meats.
  • How to make the cuts you want using seam butchery techniques
  • How to make your own bacon, ham, and sausage
  • Bonus material: recipes for using the organs, thoughts on how to cut your pig, other resources on hog butchering.

Where else can you learn real farming skills on a real working farm from people who are really doing the thing?  No need to reinvent the wheel! Learn the skills to make your homestead farm work smoothly from someone who’s been there.

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