Learn Pastured Poultry Homestead Class- One Day on Farm June 12, 2021


You can raise your own chickens for your table! Come and help build a mobile chicken “tractor,” learn how to brood chickens, talk about the economics of chickens on your homestead, and more!  If you’re looking for food independance and a way to put premium quality, healthy meat on your table, this is where you’ll gain the confidence to do it.  From field to freezer, you’ll walk through the process so you can go home and get started! As a bonus, you’ll get to take home the chicken you process to show off your new expertise.

This one day class will take you from how to start your chicks in a brooder to how to keep them out on pasture as a growing method and, lastly, process them for the table.  You'll learn how to start your chicks and manage them as they grow, including raising them on pasture. We'll talk about diseases and predation. You'll take a hand in building a chicken tractor (mobile chicken pen).  In the afternoon you'll get to learn and do chicken harvesting to put your chicken in the freezer.  You'll see and experience (as much as you are comfortable with) the whole process of raising your own chickens so you can feed your own family quality, healthful food.

As with every on-farm class, you'll get a world class tour of Baker's Green Acres with Mark Baker. Over the lunch you're invited to join the Baker family in, you are welcome to ask Mark and Jill your homesteading and farming questions. As a bonus, you'll get to take one of the chickens you process in class home with you to show everyone that you've got what it takes to succeed in raising chickens at home!

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