One on One Personalized Homesteading – Farm Consulting


Need some personalized information for your specific farm situation? Stuck on a homesteading farm problem and unable to find information for your exact problem?  Google is great, and sometimes it’s nice to get more personalized service.  You don’t have to be frustrated and feel like you’re inventing the wheel all over again!  Mark is available for on on one consulting to help with your thorny challenges.  Time and materials can be costly learning curves as well as discouraging and frustrating.  You can save on those costs with just a little guidance from someone who’s been there without having to leave your homestead farm.  Includes at least 1 hr. of  interactive call time.

Personalized help for your specific homestead or farm is just a click away! Not sure where to start?  Stuck on a particular hog or chicken or cow problem?  Looking to build your soils? Wondering how to make your small farm more profitable?  This is your opportunity to talk face to face with long time farmer Mark Baker from the comfort of your kitchen table.  You can ask the questions that are personalized challenges to your operation, including questions about:

  • Pigs
  • Laying hens
  • Broiler chickens
  • Cows
  • Fencing
  • Soil, compost, and Biochar
  • Growing vegetables
  • and more!

Nothing can save time and money, not to mention the frustration factor, like talking to someone who's made the mistakes and can help you navigate the territory of growing your own food in your own space.  Being self-sufficient doesn't have to mean being alone in your homesteading endeavor.  A little information and encouragement personalized to your specific place can be what you need to stay on track and keep going.

Here's how your personalized one on one consultation works: after you place your order (kind of like raising your hand in class), we'll email you for more information and to schedule a "zoom" call.  The Zoom meeting platform allows us to have a face to face real time conversation with you right from our respective kitchen tables, or wherever else suits you.  You can pick Mark's brains for up to an hour and a half for the information that will benefit you most on your homestead or farm.

Cost is for phone consultation.  Contact us for pricing for on-farm consultation at your homestead farm. 

Sign up today and let's get your personalized one on one consult scheduled today to help you grow your homestead farm!


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Phone or Zoom $100/hr. l On your farm consult $250/hr. plus travel l On Baker's Green Acres $100/hr.