The kids got a fun movie from the library last time: Ratatoiulle.  As Mark watched it, he said, “Hey! That’s exactly like the kitchen at the HerbFarm!”  (Minus the rats, of course.)  He appreciated his time there with Chef Keith Luce.  He’s also spent time talking with local chefs Eric Patterson (Cook’s House), Brian Williams (The Blue Heron), and Ted Cizma (Grand Traverse Resort/Aerie).  They all have a common view: food is an art form.  And, life and art are not so removed from each other.  There are philosophys, groups of techniques and various forms, certain mediums, and passion that makes them “chefs,” not just “cooks.”  It’s really a neat experience to work with people who have a passion for what they do, seek out the best quality materials (hence local, chemical free vegetables, pastured poultry, mangalitsa hogs, etc.) to produce the best quality artisinal result, and see food as a way of life, not just a paycheck.  I think the popular word for all that is “foodie,” but these guys are professionals at it.