Our two Great Pyranees females had puppies a while back.  The girls are great working dogs–our farm would be lost without them to guard the chickens.  All three dogs are gentle with the kids, too.  They don’t try to keep the kids in line and are welcoming (sometimes too much so!) to anyone who comes.  However, the boys have tried sneaking up on the house before, and the dogs proved to be able defenders.  They watch for things that sneak (even boys) or cause alarm in their protected group.  They are good family dogs and fabulous guardians.

Jim playing with the Great Pyranees puppies

Jim was helping me get pictures, but the puppies just wanted to play with him!  The one he’s holding is his favorite.  The markings on the face are called “badger markings” and fade away to white as the puppy matures.  Our adults all had those markings and are white now.

IMG_5524 DSCN5823

Sleep is still one of their main occupations, but they get more active everyday.  They are starting to play and wrestle now, just 5 days after taking these photos.

These superior family guardian dogs are indispensible on a farm or homestead.  They are $350 each and will be ready for their new homes starting April 18.  We are taking deposits if you want to ensure we have a puppy for you!