Our Great Pyranees dogs are one of the best investments we’ve made on the farm.  They are friendly (sometimes too much) but protect our chickens.  The first summer we had her, Lilly saved us almost twice what we paid for her in chickens not lost to predators.  And now we have puppies!  Three of Lilly's puppies nap in the sun.

IMG_7654 IMG_7673 Kids and puppies!

The girls, Lilly & Minnie, and Obie are patient with our kids and let Frank play with them as any good 3 year old will.  But they like to play, too, and Obie has lots of personality–especially when Sam gives him eyebrows.  He likes to get up high to survey his domain, though getting on the picnic table usually spells trouble!


Frank and Minnie

Obie surveying his territory.





If you are interested in a puppy, or just want to love on one, let us know!  They will be ready to start going to their new homes on September 25.