Real Milk from Real Cows –

Bakers Green Acres offers more than just fabulous Mangalitsa pork, flavorful pasture raised organic chicken and super eggs.  You can also receive real beyond organic milk. The real milk (not the chemically and mechanically altered stuff) from real cows.

Bakers Green Acres offers you real wholesome organic milk. If you are interested in reading more about the program please use this link. If you would like to sign up for the program. Please contact  Jill

What are the benefits of drinking raw milk?

Here’s some information on raw/real milk from a couple of friends of ours.  Mark McAffee has a large raw dairy in California and has spearheaded the movement there for raw milk.  Kelly the Kitchen Kop has a website where she has amassed a world of information on real food and healthy eating.

Benefits of Raw Milk Benefits video with Mark McAffee

Bakers Green Acres has teamed up with BJ's Cowboarding to offer Northern Michigan residents the opportunity to join into the Herdshare program providing real wholesome, organic, non-gmo milk.