OK.  First things first.

What on earth is an “LZ” you ask?

An “LZ” is an acronym for a “Landing Zone.”  In adapting this military concept to our purposes, it is an area where we can land/stop, interact with local people, and deliver needed supplies (in this case dependably wholesome meats and eggs). A Landing Zone is a more fun way of saying “buyer’s club delivery point.” 

Do you live in Michigan?  Do you like the sound of “free delivery?”  A LZ is your answer. 

Basically, it works like this:

  1. Orders are placed through the website or by phone, with the preferred LZ/delivery site indicated at checkout. Payment is through Paypal, or by check at delivery.
  2. Delivery times and schedules are the same each time, falling every 4-5 weeks. The schedule will be published and available online. We will send e-mail reminders.
  3. Order deadline is one week before the pick up day.
  4. You must be present at time of delivery or we will not leave your order (unless you have made prior arrangements).
  5. Look for bulk buying deals to save! Whole chickens and whole/half hogs, or larger bundled deals are savers.
  6. Transportation and profitability constraints require that each drop-off maintain a $1,000 sales average in a given year. New sites need a $500 total order to start and with a goal to be at the $1000 goal within a year.
  7. Get a 5% discount when you order for the first time and identify who referred you. Get a $10 product credit per verifiable and traceable referral.
  8. All transactions not paid online are COD with check or cash.
  9. BGA welcomes and encourages all buying club patrons to visit the farm and deepen this food relationship.

In a nutshell, order and choose a LZ drop site near you.  We’ll e-mail you a confirmation of the delivery time and date.  Meet us there.  That’s it.

Don’t see a LZ spot near you?  Become one! 

Here’s what you need:

  • Must be within 3 hours from the farm
  • Must have parking available.
  • Must be in a home/private property location, no parking lots unless you own it.
  • $500 in orders per drop to start, with a goal of averaging $1000 total orders per drop within a year.

Plus, there are perks to being the LZ host/hostess:

  • You get delivery to your own door.
  • You save 5% off your product orders.
  • You get a $10 referral bonus for every new person who identifies you as the referral source.
  • For first time orders, the person you refer will use your coupon identifier for a 5% discount and you will be identified as the source. We will credit you for all referrals when you order next.
  • You can help the people you care about to receive great, wholesome food

You can read all the details here: Landing Zone Buyer’s Club.