It’s Spring! April is an odd time, a transition time on the farm. We’re still cleaning up winter, but summer’s energy isn’t quite there yet.

No snow. No grass.

So, what are we doing?


Entertaining visions of the possibilities of the summer. That includes:

The barn basement is the big project right now for the farm.  This project will give you an even better experience and more opportunities to enjoy and learn on Baker’s Green Acres. It’s part of the Anyone Can Farm vision, which is to empower folks to be healthier, self-sufficient, and more independent by growing their own food and food for their community.

Here’s what Mark’s got in mind:

how to butcher a pig anyone can farm bakers green acres, workshop

Can you see it?

You can be part of the vision.  Support the Anyone Can Farm mission here:

Anyone Can Farm Donate Page

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