Despite it’s fickleness, March brings the promise of better things to come.  The chickens are inclined to believe March and start laying eggs with enthusiasm.

GMO free, cage free chicken eggs


 Jim's pile of clean eggs.

Jim is the guy who takes care of the laying hens.  The two turkeys in there are making it quite a learning experience, but Jim usually prevails.  Jim has also learned this winter how to fry an egg.  He’s very proud of this and makes himself an egg when he wants a snack.  However, Jim’s snacked on as many eggs as he wants and there are still a lot of them!  The chickens get GMO free feed and wander around their yard (and sometimes ours as well!) all day, which makes for a nutrient dense, tasty egg.  Jim would love to share with you! Call, e-mail, or just order them from our storefront today!