I know I need to catch the blog up on the hog case, but the weather’s finally nice and there is a lot to do on the farm in the spring:

This is Coco.  He’s a bull calf (male) born about a week ago.  He’s a Jersey/Wagyu cross.  Penny is in milk now!  We’re excited because Rosie just wasn’t keeping up.

We are getting ready to put chickens outside.  Usually we feel safe around the middle of May, so next week will be a little early, but not much.  Keith is washing the field waterers.  Our waterers have an automatic float valve and are fed by garden hoses.  It’s a great system that keeps fresh water in front of the birds all the time.  Everything gets washed before the new season (and periodically during it), so this is part of getting ready.  Joe is fixing and outfitting the tractors themselves.  Next week will see chickens in the pasture!  We still have chicken in the freezer, so if you are looking for flavorful, healthful, juicy chicken, contact us ASAP!!


Sometimes during spring cleaning the staggler birds, like this leftover Thanksgiving turkey get in the way.  This fella got himself colored with paint!  Good thing he can’t see that it clashes with his head.  The boys are planning to raise turkeys for Thanksgiving again this year.  They aren’t taking orders yet, but will be soon and it’s good to speak for one by the beginning of July.

Joe and Sam are putting together a bunkbed for the Anyone Can Farm Bunkhouse.  We are getting ready for our classes, and for those who want to stay with us during the classes.  The boys have been learning a lot of carpentry, drywall, and other building trades in the process.  It’s exciting to see things coming together!

Spring gets us outside again.  The bikes come out and rides are a family affair.  Jim (4) is having fun digging in the sand.  Here he commandeered the temporary fence posts and built himself a “horse fence.”  When his Dad told him he couldn’t dig in the grass because someone might fall in the hole at night, Jim assured him, “I’ll get them a ladder.”