We’ve been enjoying the sun the last couple of days.  It seems like this winter has been so dark.  I think everyone’s ready for spring, but that’s normal for March.  It’s time for the seasons to change.

Last week I ordered our first two batches of chicks.  That means spring’s got to be coming.

Today we are helping my Dad tap maple trees.  That means spring’s got to be coming.




One of last year’s calves, Lucy, found a drift by the fence and routinely jumps over.  That means spring had better be coming.





The ice is melting off our road.  That means spring’s got to be coming.

Yesterday I heard a chickadee singing it’s spring song.  The bird thinks spring’s coming.

Yesterday morning was clear and I noticed red on the horizon by 6:30 and enough light to see things clearly.  Even though it’s frosty, the sun is up!   Yeah! Spring is coming.

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