The baby pigs born in February’s snow are loving April’s sun.  They will be ready to go to new homes starting mid April.

A Mangalitsa sow with her babies.


The older ones are, alternately, digging to China and sunbathing.

Mangalitsa pigsMangalitsa "wooly" pigs enjoying spring sunshine









The guys are building new chicken brooders.  Our old brooder building got turned into a machine shop.  So, the chicks get a new home.

Joe checking his work on the chicken brooder.

Mark, Joe, and Sam consulting on the chicken brooder construction.






Frank helping the guys do construction.

Frank helping the guys do construction.


And then there’s yard cleaning. Jim, Rachel, and Keith worked on getting the wood area cleaned up.


Puppies!  The puppies are out and about and having fun!

A Great Pyranees puppy checking out the barn.

IMG_5787 Jim playing with the Great Pyranees puppies.