We are so ready for spring!  Jim got some rubber boots he’s very proud of, so he’s ready for the mud.  The boys have their motor bikes out, though Joe gave up yesterday when it started to snow.  Keith spent much of last week helping Grandpa collect maple sap.  Today it is cloudy, though not overly cold, and the birds are singing maddly.  Spring is in the air…
We’ve had one lamb so far.  She had a brother, but he got lost/caught outside on a cold, wet night.  She was dancing around in the pasture today.  Her mother hasn’t been sheared in two years and looks like a large double cottonball in little sticks.  Hopefully we’ll have at least one more set of lambs.  The goats should kid in April, as will Rosie the Jersy cow.

Walks are a popular pasttime lately.  It’s fun to check out the creek down the road and watch the snow recede.  Joe and Jim had a great game of smash-the-snowball going one day.  Just don’t distract Jim when he’s swinging the stick!

Then there’s the annual management project for the water running down the driveway.  Keith had his pond deep enough to run over the top of Jim’s boots at one point.  When the creek broke his fall (SPLASH) the fun was done for him.  He liked digging with a little shovel Dorothy found for him, though.

Last but not least, we will enjoy vine ripened tomatoes in March tonight!  Last fall Sam brought garden dirt in from the garden so I could plant winter lettuce.  I never got around to it, and next thing I knew, there were some little plants sprouting up.  They turned out to be tomato plants.  I managed to preserve 3 plants through the whole winter and now we are harvesting the benefits.  Made filling out my seed order and anticipating the garden even more fun!