If you couldn’t sweat, how would you stay cool when the temperature reads 90 degrees?  If you were a pig, you’d do something like this:

Pigs cool off by taking a mud bath, much like rhinos and elephants.  The water slowly evaporates, cooling them like your sweat cools you.  With their wooly coats, the Mangalitsas seem to benefit even more from their mud than their bristley counterparts–the wool collects and holds even more mud.  That works out great as long as you don’t mind looking like this:

Mark sometimes puts a sprinkler on so the fellas can cool off (not unlike children), but they’ve also perfected the art of holding the drinking spouts open to create a wallow.  The biggest Mangalitsas can even disconnect the hose from the water station so that it makes a great mud hole.  And lots of excitement.