Summer is passing so quickly!  We have the last group of chicks for this season going into tractors this week.

DSCN6637 Jim communing with a chick while moving it from the brooder to a tractor.Summer is the time for chickens to take full advantage of the sun.  We raise them in mobile pens on the alfalfa hay field.  The hay is richer for it, and our chicken is more flavorful for the good greens in their diet.  They are also a great way for the kids to be involved and help do chores.  At 6, Jim helps feed the chicks and move them from the brooder to the pasture.


Keith has his turkeys going again this year.  We are trying an experiment this year and brooding the turkeys with the broiler chicks.  We’ve had trouble in the past having turkeys by the layer hens, but they do OK with the broiler chicks.  So far he’s had great success keeping his turkey poults alive and well!  They should be just right by Thanksgiving.

Pastured turkeys for Thanksgiving!

DSCN6605Rachel has had various projects to sell at the Cadillac Made in Michigan Farmer’s Market this year.  She had raspberries she and Jim picked, No bake cookies, and will probably have raspberries again.   Dorothy usually has a few vegetables from her garden. The farmer’s market proved to be a great family project this summer.  We’ll be at the Thursday and Saturday market for a week or two yet.  Come see us!