“Jeepers creepers, where’d you get those peepers?”  So says the song.  We knew where the peepers came from.  What we didn’t know was where to put them!

We had a bit of a surprise this week.  Monday morning we received an order from a chef who is planning for a conference the end of April.  The order left us a bit short on that group of birds to meet our regular orders.  I quickly called Townline Hatchery and asked if they had any extra birds they could send along.  “No, sorry.  Last week we had 150 extra, but not this week.”  Bummer.  As we say around here, “That’s farmin’!”  About 5 p.m. Tuesday the phone rang.  Townline, bless their hearts, had inadvertently sent our order twice, plus a few extra birds.  Oh my.  At about 7:30 Wednesday morning, we could expect the post office to call asking us to pick up 350 chicks.  We were originally expecting 150.  There’s a big difference between brooding 150 chicks and 350 chicks.  They need that much more space, all of it heated to 90 degrees, that many more waterers, that many more feeders, etc.  Mark got creative (that’s one his gifts) and figured out where to put all those peepers.  He and Sam  marshalled all the day old chick size feeders and waterers we have, scrubbed them clean and readied them for service.  So that was today’s challenge.  As I said, “That’s farmin’!”